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Peach County, Georgia

Encouraging and Supporting Amateur Radio in and around Peach County

The The Amateur Radio Emergency ServiceĀ® (ARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with their local ARES leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes.

The Peach County Amateur Radio Emergency Service brings hams in and around Peach County together for fellowship, as a place where our residents that are interested in ham radio can learn more about the hobby and means for them to obtain their FCC license and a training mechanism for emergency preparedness that we radio amateurs may better serve our community.

Repeater Information: Frequency:  145.290 Mhz,  Offset: -600 Khz, PL Tone: 82.5 Hz

The Peach County repeater is open to all licensed amateurs, the repeater call-sign WX4PCH operates independently but is part of the Peach State Intertie System, a member of the Georgia SKYWARN network which links repeaters across middle Georiga.  The intertie system is generally used in the event of threatening weather and the Peach County repeater is linked to the intertie for several nets listed below. The repeater is located in Powersville just north of the junction of GA49 and the 247 Connector, 32.611427N 83.79287W. This repeater and all the repeaters on the Peach State Intertie are maintained by the skill and devotion of WB4NFG and K4DBN and others to include the executive oversight of WA4FRI.

Monday evenings 8:00PM ARES Net, repeater linked with Peach State Intertie 
Tuesday evenings 7:30PM Tri-County ARES Net, repeater linked with Peach State Intertie 
Wednesday evenings 9:00PM TheSoutheastern Linked Repeater Net linking repeaters throughout the South East


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Winlink RMS/CMS Gateway WX4PCH-10: Frequency:  145.030 Mhz,  Operational 24/7/365


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